Metal Strapping Air Tools

P380 – First Air Tool for Round Objects

The Fromm P380 is the first strapping tool in the market that has become popular for strapping round and irregular objects. It is a pneumatic tool and is light in weight. Industries that need to pack loads of steel bars, tubes and other round packages have found the P380 to be an ideal tool.

The P380 is an easy to use tool and simple to operate. It comes with a suspension bracket and objects can be counter balanced vertically or horizontally. The P380s improved version is even better than the previous versions where the feedwheel and the welder were together. Over the years many changes were made and in the current version of the tool, the feedwheel and the welder have been separated. The feedwheel has been moved behind the welder, and therefore the foot under the strapping has become much smaller.

Due to the smaller foot, it is easier to pull the strapping from under the tight strapping.

When compared to other strapping tools, where there is a base under the feedwheel that swings out from the strapping. This was not possible for round applications. But the P380 has solved this problem and has now become the staple tool for pipes bars and other round packages.


  • Strapping Qualities:  Polypropylene (PP) and Polyester (PET)
  • Strap Widths:  13.0-19.0 mm / ½ – ¾”
  • Strap Thickness:  0.40-1.35 mm / .016-.053”
  • Weight including Suspension Bracket:  6.8 kg / 15 pounds
  • Tool Sizes with Suspension Bracket:  L390 x W135 x H305 mm / 15.4” x 5.3” x 12.0”
  • Average Seal Strength:  Up to 75% (dependent on strap quality)
  • Type of Seal: Friction weld sealing

The P380 has been equipped with adjustable tension levels and it can also accommodate any application size. The seal is friction weld and it ensures safe and secure packaging. The advantage of this pneumatic tool when compared to manual tools is that the risk of injury is less. The tool is also cost effective and is good to have in any work room.

The only disadvantage to pneumatic tools is the presence of air lines all over the work room floor, which hinders the work of the operators. The P380 does not leave a mark on surfaces and it applies a strong seal that is dependable till the package reaches its destination. The tool uses the friction weld type of sealing which is not trusted by many. But over the years this seal has become popular and has proven that this kind of sealing is secure.

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