Metal Banding

Stainless strapping

Steel strapping plays a major role in the packaging industry. It is considered the strongest strapping and the best for industries like lumber and metal. It is also the most reliable among strapping material. However, steel strapping received a lot of bad press due to some of its shortcomings. But with the addition of stainless steel strapping, people’s attention turned to this new product.

Steel strapping rusts quickly and cannot withstand harsh weather. This is one of the major drawbacks with using steel strapping. There was no other choice but to use steel strapping and the packaging industry was constantly looking for new strapping material that would not damage their goods. The stainless steel strapping was introduced during this time and it was a welcomed addition to the banding family.

Advantages of stainless strapping

  • Good for heavy loads
  • Best for rough handling
  • Does not rust easily
  • High Tensile
  • Carbon reinforced steel
  • Very durable

Users of stainless strapping believe that the advantages outnumber the disadvantages are almost the same. With poly strapping entering the market in a big way, industry users said that poly strapping was as strong as steel and that it were available at less than half the cost of steel. So it became the much preferred strapping.

However industry experts say that stainless steel strapping is the best option for industries that have a good budget and can afford to buy stainless strapping. Those who have switched over to stainless strapping are happy using it as it does not leave stains on the packages. It is also very reliable for heavy duty strapping. It does not stretch too much and remains stable.

Stainless strapping is very expensive. Not every industry can afford to use stainless strapping. When compared to stainless strapping the next best option is only poly strapping which is less expensive and as strong as steel. It is also as durable as stainless strapping and available easily.

Stainless strapping like steel strapping has sharp edges and it can cause injury if handled carelessly. Allstrap stocks stainless strapping in varying sizes and widths. Call Allstrap for more information on strapping and strapping tools.