Heavy duty steel strapping battery tool

Signode Grippack

If you are looking for battery tools for heavy-duty steel strapping applications, these tools are the ideal choice.The main features and technical specifications of these grip pack 34DN and 114DN tools are described below.


Grippack 114 Tensioner

The key features of the Grippack 114 tensioner are as follows:

  • Features manual and automatic modes for versatility
  • Pulls very high tension of up to 1500 lbf
  • Can complete up to 120 cycles per charge

The technical specs of this battery-operated tool are as follows:

  •  Strapping Quality: Steel Strapping
  • Strap Width: 3/4” to 1-1/4” (19mm to 32mm)
  • Strap Thickness: 0.025” to 0.031” (0.64mm to 0.80mm)
  • Tension: 800 lbf to 1500 lbf (3600N to 6670N) adjustable
  • Weight: 8.5 lb

The Signode Grippack series comprises of the first battery powered tensioner for steel straps of width 1-1/4”, a sealer, and cutter. These Signode battery powered strapping tools stand out for features like light weight, high durability, and ease of use. These tools can be used in different modes and also allow single-button operation for speed and increased productivity

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